This Expert's Packing Hacks Will Make All Your Traveling Woes Disappear

Gotta try this.


Let's face it — packing, though exciting, can be a total nightmare. You have to squeeze your favorite pair of shoes into a confined space, your clothes end up disheveled, and you can barely find room for your toiletries and cosmetics.

But travel expert Hitha Palepu, author of How to Pack: Travel Smart for Any Trip, is here to make life a little less stressful by offering some of her travel packing tips and tricks. For example, for a weekend getaway, Palepu shows us how to fold up our jackets and secure them with a hair tie.

Palepu then recommends packing a certain amount of underwear according to a simple equation: add up the number of days you're away plus half that number and you'll be good to go. 

Here are five of our favorite tips from the video above. 

1. Roll up your skirts

2. Heavy items go at the bottom

3. Keep shoes safe and clothes clean

4. Keep travel-size beauty products ready to go

5. Avoid unnecessary tools

Life just got a little easier, huh.

Cover image via Shutterstock / PR Image Factory


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