Readers' Poll Shows The 10 Friendliest U.S. Cities — Is Yours On The List?

From Park City to Nashville and beyond.


When travelling, we can all remember those places that made us feel at home, whether it be because of the food, the sights or the people. 

Moreover, Conde Nast Traveler points out that when you feel welcome in a new place, it can drastically change the way you see and experience things. So the publication polled its readers and put together its 2017 Readers' Choice Awards for the 10 friendliest cities in the United States. 

These cities include Park City, Utah, Sedona, Ariz., and Nashville, Tenn., among others. Altogether, the list makes for the perfect travel guide and it also encourages us to always be friendly and kind to those who are visiting the cities we love to call home.

Check out some of the cities that made the list below and see them all in the full video above. Is yours on there?

10. Park City, UT

9. Sedona, AZ

8. Asheville, NC

7. Jackson, WY

6. Savannah, GA

5. Ashland, OR

4. Nashville, TN

Which city took the No. 1 spot? Check it out in the full video above!


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