She Sees 100 Times The Colors Everyone Else Does, And The Reason Why Will Fascinate You


San Diego-based artist Concetta Antico has been painting since she was seven years old, but it was only in 2012 that she realized that the world she was seeing before her was a little more vibrant than the one the rest of us are used to.

Antico has tetrachromacy, a rare genetic condition that affects the eyes' retinal development and allows her to see a rainbow of colors where the rest of us see a solid shade.

"Everything colored is amplified for me," she explained in an email to A+.


"Our world is so beautiful and varied. Everything shimmers with 'mosaics' of color," she wrote.

Where most people have three types of color-sensitive "cone" cells in their eyes that help the brain intake and interpret light wavelengths, Antico has four. 

The artist says she can see 99 million more colors than the average person who has regular, trichromatic vision. She also says the hues she sees breathtaking.

"A green leaf is NOT green but has 100's of colors on it for me, red may cup the rim of it.  Another example is that a shadow is not gray, it is lilac and turquoise and blue," she wrote.

Antico channels her genetic gift into her work, creating dynamic and beautiful art.

"My super vision allows me to find color and value in a rapid act which provides me the superhuman ability to produce all of my paintings in just one sitting with no part reworked," she explained. 

Some have even said that her paintings, which tend to be inspired by nature, "vibrate" or have a holographic look to them.

"I have a deep interest in saving the beauty on our planet and feel that my work will help others SEE it too and be moved to save it," she says.

A fittingly incredible goal for a talented artist.

(H/T: IFLScience)


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