Conan O'Brien Visited Haiti To Show Us How Beautiful Its People And Culture Truly Are

Where's our "Haiti is Great Already" hat?

Conan O'Brien has put another stamp in his passport, taking his TBS show Conan to Haiti in a direct response to President Trump's racist remarks about it, in which he allegedly called it a "shithole" country. While there, the talk show host got up to his usual shenanigans and, in the process, made friends with the locals in an attempt to educate Americans about the beautiful Caribbean country.


Last week, the 54-year-old redhead hilariously introduced himself to the people of Haiti, saying that "if the president doesn't like them, they must be lovely people." He also assured them that he's well-traveled, having made similar trips to Cuba, Armenia, South Korea, and Israel.

From the moment he landed, O'Brien documented his visit on social media and gave us all a preview of what to expect. He made friends as soon as he got off the plane, experienced the cuisine, met with inspiring businesswomen, visited the youth at a school, learned how to bust a move, passed out Trump-inspired hats (swapping the "Make America Great Again" look for a "Haiti is Great Already" one), lived his best life, and thanked the country for hosting him.

This week, O'Brien has also released teasers for the special. One gives us a closer look at a school visit he made to Ecole Nouvelle Zoranje in Port-au-Prince. This school educates children from the poorest, most dangerous neighborhoods of Haiti's capital city and all of the students are all on scholarships thanks to the charity PRODEV, whose entire purpose is to see that young people in Haiti have access to quality education.

In the clip, O'Brien is just one of the kids. He dances with them, plays with them, and — despite being a full-grown man at a desk made for kids — sits among them in the classroom. In true O'Brien fashion, he seemingly turning a lesson into a fun musical moment.

The other teaser is even more LOL-worthy. O'Brien gets Haitian locals to essentially roast President Trump and, boy, they don't disappoint. After all, he says it's "only fair" that they get to respond to what he said. 

Our favorite read? "I want to send a message of love to the leader of America," one woman says. "Oprah, we love you!" They go on to joke about President Trump's love of golf, Trump University, and we even see a Norway-born woman who now calls Haiti her home say she want to move to the U.S. — but only in 2020, of course.

Watch the full Conan in Haiti special when it airs Saturday, January 27, at 10 p.m. ET on TBS.


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