Watch Conan O'Brien Reenact "Mad Max" En Route To Comic-Con


If you did a double-take at this photo, we don't blame you. That is talk show host Conan O'Brien looking pastier than usual and donning a markedly different getup than we're used to seeing him in. Along with another funnyman, Andy Richter, Conan O'Brien channeled Mad Max in a Comic-Con video, specifically reenacting that car chase scene as the Doof Warrior, fire-shooting guitar and all. 

The two cruised down Interstate 5 toward San Diego's Comic-Con, where O'Brien will be filming Conan for the first of three shows. They were certainly ready for the cosplay convention in their outrageous garb, with Richter steering the rig as the evil Immortan Joe. The team was completed by the Basic Cable Band on percussion at the back as the War Boys. Furiosa and Max were unfortunately absent, so their only obstacle was finding their way — Richter told O'Brien that the guitar-blasting had drowned out the sound of the GPS directions and caused him to spill his coffee. "It's so much fun, I get carried away," O'Brien apologized, precariously swaying from his chains. 

Eventually, the rig passes by a burning San Diego sign marking their arrival at the apocalyptic wasteland of San Diego. Mad Max: Fury Road was a wild ride for audiences, so we're grateful that O'Brien made the effort to remind us of one of its most memorable scenes, albeit with a distinct Conan touch.


Who knew Conan had such sick guitar chops?

Richter does a great Immortan Joe, too.

Watch the video here:


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