Conan O'Brien Fulfills His Dream Of Playing Horse Against Magic Johnson

How did he do?

Conan O'Brien got to cross something very cool off his bucket list on Tuesday night's episode of his talk show — a game of Horse with basketball legend Magic Johnson. The former L.A. Lakers star was the definition of a good sport as the two hung out on the court, although he didn't go easy on the host once they started shooting hoops.

After poking fun at the tiny shorts Johnson and other NBA stars wore back in the day, and admitting that he used to root for Johnson's rival Larry Bird, O'Brien shares, "My dream has long been to play a game of Horse with Magic Johnson."


We'd keep you in suspense about who spells "horse" first, but we don't think you'll have much of a problem guessing. While Johnson nails shot after shot, O'Brien tries to buy himself more letters by suggesting they change the name of the game to "Horse-Drawn Carriage in the 19th Century." 

But perhaps the best part of the segment is when O'Brien dons a mask of Larry Bird's face to bring himself a little good luck. Not only does it make Johnson laugh, but it also seems to work. When Johnson dons the mask, he also makes the shot, but we doubt the one has to do with the other.

Check out all the fun in the video below:


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