Conan O'Brien Responds To Fan's Heartfelt Thank-You For Special Episode Filmed in Mexico

The comedian headed south this week to support Mexico and its citizens.

Comedian Conan O'Brien aired a special episode of his talk show Wednesday that was fully taped in Mexico as a sign of solidarity with the country and its citizens — at a time when political relations between the U.S. and Mexico are becoming more strained.

The special, entitled Conan Without Borders: Made in Mexico, caught the eye of at least one Mexican fan of the show, who took to Reddit to post his appreciation of the show.  


The post started to gain traction on Reddit when it received a response from O'Brien himself.

Adrian Garcia aka FrankOcean2, has lived all of his life in a town near the Mexico-California border and grew up watching O'Brien on TV. He felt that through the special, O'Brien did his best to portray what being an average Mexican is like, Garcia told A Plus via Reddit. He said that despite the perception that there are a vast number of differences between Mexicans and Americans, he believes that O'Brien's show and similar specials can help create empathy between the two countries.

For the special, O'Brien rented a TV studio in Mexico, hired an all-Mexican crew and staff, and taped the show in front of all-Mexican audience. Actor Diego Luna and former Mexican President Vicente Fox appeared on the show, which opened with O'Brien performing much of his usual monologue in Spanish. 

And a less-than-smooth border crossing:

"With all of this week's negative news about the relationship between the United States and Mexico, I've been thinking, and I thought I'd do something positive," O'Brien said when announcing the special


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