Hilarious Footage Of Conan, Kevin Hart, And Ice Cube Teaching A Student How To Drive

"OK, rule number one — don't f**k this up!"

Getting through a driving exam has been and will be a really excruciating experience to many, especially if your instructor turns out to be some cranky old dude hating on life 24/7.

But it wasn't the case for this lady.

Diana Chang, who works with the marketing department at Conan O'Brien's Team Coco, is currently on the way of getting her driver's license. When O'Brien found out that one of his staff members could use a little guidance, he was more than happy to jump in and shower Diana with driving tips, such as ...

... holding both hands on the wheel is not necessary and makes it hard to text, and if someone passes you on the road, you're their b*tch.

But the real schooling didn't begin until two other passengers joined — that is O'Brien's buddies Kevin Hart and Ice Cube.


Hart gives some solid advice, y'all.

But really, it's Ice Cube who spits pearls of wisdom in this case.

Anyway, this might not be the best learning material if you're planning on getting your driver's license, but it sure is good to loosen up the nerves after trying to memorize all of those rules.

Check out the video below and stay safe on the road!

Watch the full video here:


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