A Magazine Named The Best Rappers Ever. This Guy Made The List Twice.

When you're good, you're good.

Lil Wayne is a beast of a rapper. Some might even say he is one of the best to ever touch the mic.

Complex Magazine put together a list of "The Best Rappers Alive" every year since 1979, and Wayne was one of a handful of talented artists to make the list more than once.



The first year Wayne appears on the Complex list is 2006. Let's revisit Wayne's work during this time period -- a period that Rolling Stone once referred to as Wayne's "astonishing creative bender."

In December of 2005, Weezy released his album "Tha Carter II." His first track, "Tha Mobb," set the tone and we knew he wasn't messing around.

The cleverly strung together interludes of "Fly In", "Carter II" and "Fly Out" were pretty perfect. Bonafide hits like "Receipt" and "Hustler Muzik" cemented people's recognition of Weezy's ferocity and strength as a writer.

Wayne also teamed up with Birdman for "Like Father, Like Son." That album gave us classics like "Leather So Soft," "You Ain't Know," and "Stuntin' Like My Daddy." With the overall mob theme and bars on top of bars, it was certainly hard to ignore this album in '06.

"Wayne slashed through lyrics like an escaped prisoner of war slashed through vines in jungles," Justin Tinsley wrote about one of the last studio sessions for "Tha Carter II."

Thanks to prolific writing, Wayne was able to dominate the mainstream, underground, his hometown and hip-hop websites everywhere that year.


Ahh, Weezy in 2008. Probably the run that people remember the most.

After too many features to even count, chart-topping singles off "Tha Carter III" and his collaboration with a fellow "Mr. Carter," we knew we were dealing with someone pretty incredible.

Wayne had radio stations stuck on repeat. The world simply couldn't get enough of lines like "She wanna lick the rapper" and his tongue-twisting wordplay. 

After "Tha Carter III" went "A Milli" in a week and we all felt "Comfortable" with Weezy 2.0, it was a no-brainer that Wayne went on to win four Grammy Awards in 2009, including Best Rap Album. 

Artist Kanye West even made a poignant contribution to the album's sleeve, writing of Wayne, "the dude is the hottest rapper."  

And we can't say we disagree.


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