These Couples Swapped Clothes... And Personalities

But now one man understands yoga pants.

Complex just put out this fun video that shows what happens when couples swap clothes and imitate each other.


This addition to their YouTube channel takes their "Couples Games" video series to a new level entirely.

Naturally, the guys end up discovering things they might otherwise have never uncovered, especially when it comes to women's clothes.

"Aren't you cold wearing this?"

A bit breezy? 

"I understand the yoga pants now."


When they're asked to imitate each other, they don't let the audience down...

Revealing the endearing — and sometimes infuriating — nuances that make their significant other significant.

Watch the entire video here.

No one knows you better than your significant other: your vulnerabilities, your strengths, your weirdnesses... That's part of what makes being in a relationship with someone so great: the feeling of being known by another human being.

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