Hilarious Video Compilation Shows A Year's Worth Of Dubsmash Videos This Guy Sent To His Wife

We especially love their version of "Cry Me A River."

When Priscilla Bruce, a 31-year-old hair and makeup artist, is working late nights to make ladies of Minneapolis pretty, her husband Eric and baby Jack are spending some quality father-son time at home.

But even if she's not there to goof around with her family, Priscilla is always in the loop. You know why?

Because her genius husband sends her these hilarious video updates made with the lip-syncing app Dubsmash.


Here's Eric and Jack dubsmashing to 4 Non Blondes hit song "What's Going On."

Eric, who works regular weekday hours, says he made these videos while babysitting Jack on evenings and weekends. According to him, it was an incredible father-son bonding experience, as well as a beautiful way to keep the whole family close:

"It was a little glimpse into the past year of raising a baby [...] And making sure his mom was happy and in the loop after going back to work," Bruce told Today.

Priscilla admits these short funny videos not only brightened her days, but were also reassuring that the boys are doing OK at home.

Recently, she urged her hubby to make a compilation of all the Dubsmash videos he and Jack created over a year. As you will see, Jack is a real heartthrob in these videos and seems to have a knack for performing in front of the camera.

Check out the full compilation below:

(H/T: Today)


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