10 Most Common Excuses Every Girl Secretly Makes

Excuses make life so much easier.

1. I just got my nails done.


Babe, get the door. Babe, answer the phone. Babe, help me dress...

When you think of it, a fresh manicure is very close to a magic wand. We instantaneously  turn into rigid human statues with very limited movement capabilities. Because let us be damned before ruining those perfect nails.

2. It's not me, it's my PMS.

PMS means two glorious weeks of total immunity every month.

Nothing matters during that time: not how stupid our excuses sound, or how illogical our cravings are, or the mood amplitude that swings like McDonald's golden arches. 

Everyone knows it's not us, it's our crazy uterus! (Hint: But don't assume we're on our period whenever we're mad. Totally not a reason to dismiss our feelings.)

3. I'm wearing high heels.

Comfortable high heels are kinda like rainbow-spitting unicorns. They don't exist.

So whenever we put a pair of those killer shoes, don't expect us to do things or go places. You'll be getting our drinks all evening and the longest journey we'll take will be to the ladies' room.

4. Tomorrow.

Not only is Tomorrowland the largest electronic music festival, it's also the place of all our duties, self-promises and New Year's resolutions.

Diet, working out, going on a Tinder date? Thank God we have tomorrow for that.

5. I'm too tired.

"Too tired" is most likely the one excuse women make to avoid action in the bedroom. And you know what, we're not going to argue. We're too tired...

6. I have a boyfriend.

Somehow, the "boyfriend excuse" is still the most effective way to deflect unwanted male attention. Even if it's downright degrading, lots of women prefer using this trick instead of going into an evening-long (and mysoginstic) debate with their aficionados.

7. Actually, I like girls.

Probably the second most popular way to reject a guy.

8. I don't have anything to wear.

Lack of clothing is one of the most common excuses in the history of mankind.

Despite stuffing our wardrobes with clothes for all sorts of occasions (having a tea party with the President is totally, completely, outright possible reason to get the dress), whenever something comes up, we ain't got s*it to wear. So we don't go.

9. My car broke down.

We're not saying girls aren't capable of changing a flat tire or filling a tank. But if it does happen and we really don't know how to fix it, it makes a damn good excuse to just call it a day.

Usually because it saves us the trouble of explaining why we didn't get out of bed on time.

10. I never got your message.

Yeah, right...

Anything you'd like to add? We're listening.

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Cover image via  Nenad Aksic / Shutterstock.


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