Finally, A Set Of 'Commitment Rings' That'll Block Your Partner From Watching TV Shows Without You

"Love should last longer than one season."

The relationship between a TV show and a viewer is complex and beautiful, but also very fragile. So when you introduce a partner to the situation, suddenly you've got a love triangle that's twice — if not thrice — as delicate. It's already been demonstrated how much Netflix affects your love life, and the deeper you go down the rabbit hole of sharing the shows you watch, the higher risk there is of someone getting hurt.

Has your significant other ever watched an episode of a show you're supposed to watch together by his or herself? Then you know exactly what we're talking about here. We're talking about cheating with a TV show.

As British ice cream brand Cornetto says in its Series Commitment campaign, it's "the worst kind of cheating." That's why it's introducing "Commitment Rings," near field communication (NFC) bands that sync up with the most popular streaming services to prevent couples from watching their shows unless they're together. That means if your partner wants to get sneaky and jump ahead on The Walking Dead by an episode or four, they'll be blocked, and your relationship will, in theory, remain strong.

It's unclear how close "close" means with respect to unlocking access to a show — for example, if the rings work just 15 feet away from each other, you could probably sneak off to watch an episode in the bathroom while your partner is sleeping. But you wouldn't do that, because you're a loyal person. Aren't you?

The Commitment Rings aren't available for purchase yet, but you can sign up on Cornetto's site for the product here. Rejoice, your holy union is saved.


Watch a video explaining the rings in full below:


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