Comic Book Heroes Reimagined With Average Body Types

Wonder Woman looks stronger than ever.

Comic book characters have super powers and unique characteristics that humans only dream of having, but an unrealistically proportioned body shouldn't be one of them., a site that helps connect people suffering from eating disorders with proper resources, crafted these images of our comic heroes reimagined with average American body types.

Of course, bodies come in all shapes and sizes, but when our heroes have bodies that don't represent even half of the population, then POW! we have a problem. 

The media and images that we face in popular culture have a huge impact on peoples' self-image, and given that 81 percent of 10-year-olds surveyed are afraid of being fat, our childhood heroes should be combatting enemies — otherwise known as eating disorders — not unintentionally promoting them.

Check out what Wonder Woman, Captain American, Batman and others would look like if they were average-sized people. 

Even Barbie has already jumped on the bandwagon.


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