7 Comic-Con Moments That Prove Everyone Is Accepted At This Fandom Paradise

From celebrity shenanigans to inspiring moments with fans.

Each year there are events all around the world where comic book fans come together to celebrate anything and everything in the pop culture universes they're fans of.


Two of the bigger comic-cons we focus on here in the U.S. are the ones based in San Diego and New York, but they pop up anywhere and everywhere. Throughout the years we have seen just how much people are welcome and feel free to express their fandom, and we're talking about everyone from celebrities to your average Joe.

These seven comic-con moments are some of our favorites prove everyone is accepted at this fandom paradise:

1. Sometimes there are opportunities to meet real-life superheroes.

We all know the major players in the comic book world, but sometimes it's those lesser-known players that surprise us the most. You may know John Lewis as a congressman, but did you know that he has a comic book series, titled March, too? He has a three-part series about his life and all the civil rights work you know him from. Lewis has been attending Comic-Cons since 2013 and has been delighting fans ever since.

2. The fact that people who play superheroes embody their alter egos.

The success of Wonder Woman has proven that diversity in comic book content is something we crave, but this moment cements that. There's an iconic photo from the 2017 San Diego Comic-Con showing Gal Gadot, Wonder Woman herself, comforting a little girl. The young female fan was clearly in awe of meeting her idol in real life and Gadot became the embodiment of the idea that representation matters.

3. How people take their fandom love to whole new levels.

This wasn't at one of the bigger comic-cons, but at 2016's Wizard World in Philadelphia two Marvel fans gave Chris Evans and Sebastian Stan quite a shock. During a photo opportunity they — while dressed as the actors' characters, Captain America and Winter Solder, respectively — shared a big kiss for the camera. Some fandoms pair characters together who aren't actually together and, in this case, they showed that fan conventions are a place where love is love.

4. Celebs go undercover to have a blast.

One of the gags we love seeing at comic-cons are when celebrities go undercover — it's an understandable and necessary fact. While there have been many to do this throughout the years, perhaps our favorite was when Black Panther star Lupita Nyong'o donned a pink Power Ranger outfit, clad with a mask and sunglasses, to soak up all the fandom like a non-celebrity. The best part? The actress didn't let on to the hilarious antics until after the fact. Surprise!

5. Fans of all ages partake in cosplay fun.

While we may think of comic-cons as a place for younger fans, the fact is that people of all ages show up to express their love for all things pop culture. The prime example of this is came when a 50-year-old Brazilian mom went viral thanks to some epic cosplay, a beautiful example of an older fan living their best life. There's no age limit on enjoying yourself, and comic-cons are places where everyone is welcome to share their deep passion for entertainment.

6. Anyone can be whoever they want to be.

If there's one place where you're free to be whoever you want to be, this is it. At the 2017 San Diego Comic-Con, Liev Schreiber earned some serious cool dad points when he let his son, Kai, dress up as Harley Quinn — a female character from the Batman universe and the recent Suicide Squad film. We love that it didn't matter to him and that the Ray Donovan star was chill with the situation. Haters to the left!

7. The fact that all types of comic book creators are celebrated.

By default, comic books can be an outlet to share some stories not often explored by the mainstream. At last year's New York Comic Con, A Plus talked to a 12-year-old New York City kid who created his own comic book series, appropriately titled Kid Brooklyn, that took on topics close to him including environmental and social issues. He is a creator we should all strive to be and is likely just one example of young people taking matters into their own hands.

Cover image: Andre Luiz Moreira / Shutterstock.com


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