Experience The Month Of Zen: You Can Now Stream Every 'Daily Show With Jon Stewart' Episode

Thanks for the laughs.

We're still nowhere near ready to say goodbye to Jon Stewart, the man we have relied on to consistently, hilariously comment on the news for the past 16 years. Stewart is leaving his post after over a decade and a half at The Daily Show, but we still have a few more months before his Aug. 6 departure date. Between now and that fateful day, Comedy Central will be continuously streaming all 2000 episodes of The Daily Show with Jon Stewart, in a promotion known as The Month of Zen.

Nearly every weeknight since 1999, Stewart has shone a light on and unveiled the absurdities of our American political system. He's interviewed thousands of guests, made headlines hundreds of times and created a new way to watch the news: as entertainment as well as education. We're excited for what Stewart's Daily Show replacement, Trevor Noah, will do with the show, but that doesn't mean we're yet prepared for our first new host in 16 years. To honor Stewart and to drag out these last few months before his departure for as long as possible, you can watch The Month of Zen for free and as often as you like (we recommend taking a sick day or two when the stream gets around to your favorite season) on Comedy Central's website.


Image credit: Martin Crook/Comedy Central


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