Watch These Girls Smash The Glass Ceiling In This Perfect Parody

"Your looks are considered too distracting to your male co-workers. Move back two spaces."

Women have certainly made a great deal of progress in the past few decades when it comes to the professional and personal opportunities available to them, but sexism is still alive and well in the real world. 

Now, thanks to Comedy Central, it also exists in the game world. In a recent parody video, a few young girls gather around a brand new toy. Aptly called "The Glass Ceiling," the board game is very similar to The Game of Life, except this one is just for girls. 

The girls quickly pick their characters. 

"I'm going to be an engineer!"

"I'm going to be a lawyer!"

"I'm gonna be the nation's No. 1 investment banker!"

Sound great, right? But things only get worse from there. Soon, the game instructs the little lawyer to move back a step because her boss feels emasculated by her Ivy League education and passes her up for a promotion. Then, the investment banker has to move back two spaces. Her looks are too distracting to her male co-workers. 

"But none of this is fair," she points out. "None of these choices get you above the glass ceiling."


By the end of it, the girls do what all women should: smash the glass ceiling.

Turns out, there's a game just like it for boys. The difference is their's is called "Privilege." 

Check it out in the video below:

(H/T: Elle


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