Twitter Users Are Tweeting Brilliant Click Bait Movie Headlines And 'You'll Never Believe' How Funny They Are

"When I Found Out Why, I Was In Tears."

"You'll never believe what happens next," "the answer will shock you," "find out how" — these are just a couple of examples of click bait headlines we see every day all over the Internet. Drama, drama and more drama, right?

To poke fun at these click bait headlines, Comedy Central's @midnight introduced us to the hashtag #ClickBaitAMovie just a couple of days ago and it quickly started trending on Twitter. The idea was to encourage Twitter users to come up with their own click bait headlines for some of our favorite movies. And they tweeted the hell out of it.

From phenomenal one-day body transformations to traumatic events that will shock you, many of these are pure genius. 

Scroll down to see some of our favorites. They will leave you speechless (get it?). 


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