New Yorkers Do Not Know How To React To The Hilariously Scandalous Fake Books That This Comedian Is Reading On The Subway

"101 Penis-Lengthening Tips" is a title we've definitely never heard of.

New York City may be the concrete jungle where dreams are made of, but down in the subway is where the real people are grinding it out to make a living. Perhaps to lighten up the somber mood of some New Yorkers' commutes, comedian Scott Rogowsky decided to play a prank on his fellow straphangers by "reading" books with hilariously inappropriate titles on the subway.

Fake books with covers like "Getting Away With Murder for Dummies" and "How to Hold a Fart In" inevitably catch the eyes of subway commuters, with mixed reactions. And Rogowsky doesn't bat an eyelid, whether he gets snickers in response or frowns. 

Watch the full video here:



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