Comedian Cheekily Responds To Twitter Users Asking 'When Is International Men's Day?'

Yes, there is an International Men's Day.

Ask and ye shall receive.

That old cliche seemed particularly relevant for comedian Richard Herring this past International Women's Day. Herring, who has over 200,000 followers on Twitter, spent the day responding to users asking this snarky question: "When is International Men's Day?"


"Dial it down mate," Herring said to one Twitter user asking when International Men's Day was. "No need to be offended. There is one. November 19th. People get offended by anything these days."

Herring has been performing this routine for a few years now, and ties it into an effort to fundraise for the charity Refuge. Refuge, which raises awareness about domestic violence. 

"It's November 19th," he told another user. "The weird thing about equality is if women achieve it then men also achieve it. So don't fight against today if equality is really your aim."

Herring's Just Giving page for Refuge has already raised over 100,000 euros.

"It's really just a bit of fun to point out how unoriginal people are being and also answer the question that they don't expect has an answer," Herring said on the Just Giving page. "I thought this year it would be nice if we raised some money along the way, to turn stupid or negative comments by people who don't understand how to google into something that will be positive and helpful."

Cover photo: Shutterstock / Featureflash Photo Agency


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