This Comedian Is Every Parent At Disney World

"You want these, or you wanna go to college?"

Comedian John Crist may not have any kids of his own, but he's managed to perfectly capture what every parent must feel while at Disney World with their children.

The comedian posted a video on his YouTube channel on July 30 about his day at Disney World, and parents everywhere are collectively saying, "same." 

Crist begins the video proclaiming, "Welcome to the happiest place on earth. It's 9 a.m. and I've got to schedule every minute of our day until 9 p.m. Pay attention and stay close."


He then walks around the park stating things that most parents frequently say at Disney World.

He laments, "I just flew my family halfway across America, [and] all my home-schooled kids wanna do is visit the Hall of Presidents?"

When he approaches a gift shop selling the iconic Mickey Mouse ear headbands, he says, "Forty-five dollars for bedazzled mouse ears? Baby, you want these, or you wanna go to college?"

"We're not waiting an hour and a half for impressions of France," he gripes. "Eat a baguette and lose a world war, that's my impression of France. Let's go to Space Mountain." 

He continues struggling to put 4-year-olds in strollers, picking up people's trash, his "wife" wanting a photo with Gaston, and the "kids" being disappointed that Elsa isn't coming out today.

"Make believe your feet aren't sore, this is Disney. Use your imagination."

After his 10-hour day, Crist is knackered.

YouTube commenters are saying the video is a spot-on depiction of a day at Disney World as well as other amusement parks. 

" 'You want these or do you want to go to college?' My dad to a tee," stated one commenter.

"As a Disney vlogger I have had to edit out some choice parental comments out of the background of my videos," one commenter wrote. "You hit the nail on the head with this one. Thanks so much for all the humor."

"I can totally relate to 'every minute is schedule from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m..' That is how my parents where when we visited Epcot," one daughter revealed.

Some are even adding their own suggestions. "Beyond perfect rendition of every family at Disney World, except he forgot the dozen bathroom stops, waaaaay overpriced $10 sodas, plus feet that are just about bleeding from walking miles," one person added. "Gotta love amusement parks!"

(H/T: Popsugar)


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