Brilliant Black And White Photos Get A Makeover. In Full Color.

Bringing colors back.

Sure, black and white photos can be gorgeous, but sometimes bits and pieces of stories are simply lost without colors.

Luckily for us, the gorgeous ColorizedHistory subreddit has us covered. The subreddit is currently moderated by 13 talented artists and has its own approved list of submitters. They work on historical black and white images, adding colors that offer just so much more context. 

 Scroll down to see their recent submissions.


Postal employees with their Autoped scooters. Washington D.C., 1917.

George Burchett, a British tattoo artist also known as the "King of Tattooists," 1930.

An old Civil War veteran surrounded by bootblacks. Pennsylvania, 1935.

Boy at a hot dog stand. Boston, 1937.

During Operation Barbarossa bombing. Minsk, 1941.

British troops on a train to the Western Front. England, 1939.

Heat Wave. New York, 1912.

Captain Walter "Waddy" Young with his crew. 1944.

John “Jack” Baker asking a French woman for directions. Southern France, 1944.

Watching TV. 1948.

Soldiers singing "Go to Town." France, 1944.

Helsinki Summer Olympics. Finland, 1952.

Soldiers wearing gas masks while peeling onions. Tobruk, 1941.

Suddenly, the past doesn't look that distant.

If you liked these photos as much as we did, make sure to check out some of the previous Colorized History submissions we covered last year.

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