Colorado Is Encouraging Driver Safety With These Hilarious Road Signs

The punny signs remind drivers to buckle up and stay off their phones.

Colorado Is Encouraging Driver Safety With These Hilarious Road Signs

Colorado is reminding its drivers to keep their eyes on the road — but not in the traditional way. The state's Department of Transportation (CDOT) is attempting to get residents to drive safer with the help of some humorous road signs, as noted by The Denver Post.

The department has been crafting signs that urge Coloradans to buckle up and stay off the phone, but in a funnier and more lighthearted manner. "Get your head out of your apps," reads one sign. Another one says, "Hey bobblehead, put down the phone."

The signs were first implemented in 2016 in response to a spike in traffic-related fatalities in Colorado. They are meant to grab drivers' attention and remind them to employ safety practices on the road, such as wearing seatbelts, maintaining awareness, and never driving under the influence. But instead of issuing dire or somber-sounding warnings, they deliver the serious messages in an edgier manner. 


"We know we needed to do something to draw the public's attention to road safety. And nothing captures people's attention better than humor," Sam Cole, CDOT's Communications Manager, told A Plus in an email. 

Some of the signs even drop references to pop culture. "The force is strong, don't text and drive," a Star Wars-themed one reads, while another sign drops a familiar Ghostbusters refrain: "Who you gonna call? No one, you're driving."

The key, Cole explains, is using the signs to "convey valuable information and be concise," without being distracting. "People who see the signs tell their friends and family, which leads to a conversation about traffic safety," he said. 

Road sign reading "Get Your Head Out of Your Apps" above a highway
Colorado Department of Transportation

Colorado isn't the first state to use puns while encouraging safer habits among drivers. Massachusetts and Iowa also put up witty roadside reminders. Meanwhile, Arizona sources material for its funny signs by holding a yearly contest seeking out the best jokes-turned-safety messages. 

The practice has even become common abroad. According to The Denver Post, drivers can also find similar humor-driven messages on roads in various other countries, including certain regions in India. 


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