Colorado Celebrating #BikeToWorkDay Will Make You Feel Like Biking To Work, Too

More Americans are opting for the healthier mode of transportation.

Colorado is known for many things, such as being a pioneer of the legal marijuana campaign and for its vast, natural landscapes. But its residents are also some of the biggest outdoor enthusiasts, and on June 24, Colorado launched Bike To Work Day to encourage people toward pursuing a healthier mode of transportation to and from work. 

Thousands of people were expected to participate on Wednesday and major cities have set up incentives to motivate those who are still unsure. In Denver, for example, among the events organized around #BikeToWorkDay, included breakfast and coffee pit stops and free bike tune-ups.

Today, a growing number of Americans are cycling to work, opting for a healthier mode of transportation. Cities, too, are playing a part in encouraging biking by installing more bike lanes and launching bike share programs. Though National Bike To Work Week (yes, that's a thing!) is typically held in May, Colorado's state legislature independently declared the fourth Wednesday of June the state's own observance. According the event's website, the campaign's goal is to promote bicycle commuting. 

"[The idea is to] get people to try their bikes for transportation," the website stated, "serving as a catalyst for them to use this alternative on a consistent basis to reduce congestion and improve air quality."


On Wednesday, many Coloradans kicked off the summer by biking to work and posted pictures of their morning commute on Twitter.

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[Cover image via Flickr/Richard Masoner/Cyclelicious]


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