Have Amazing Color-Changing Cars Taken Over The Streets In Russia?

But there's a twist...

This video posted by YouTuber Donatas seems pretty normal at first: a couple of guys with a Subaru. But then, said Subaru changes color when a hugh-voltage charge is sent through it. Naturally, they then use the car to play tricks on people.

Strange that the military isn't using this incognito techinque all the time, right?


Wrong. Because it's not real.

Sadly, the video is a clever fake. This video and others like it have been debunked: the color-changing you see here is done using Adobe's After-Effects tool. So, yes, you can change your car's color with the touch of a button — but only in video.

What these guys have probably done is activated an alarm sound or something similar as people passed by. The startled faces of the onlookers are due to what they hear rather than what they see. 

Or they just used actors. 

But don't worry, as soon as someone comes up with an actual color-changing car, we'll let you know. 

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