When You Spin This Colorful Cake, It Transforms Into Another Set Of Colors

It is pretty cool, though.


Ever since the black-and-blue or white-and-gold dress went viral, the Internet has been fascinated with color optical illusions. The latest one everyone's been talking about is this cake posted by YouTube user CharlotteSometimes

As the cake is spun on a rotating tray, it totally changes colors. The dessert transforms from a yellow, orange, and pink cake to a purple, blue, and green one. 

What is this? Witchcraft?! 

Though CharlotteSometimes hasn't provided an explanation for the effect herself, many commenters have speculated that the ridges are airbrushed in opposite directions using different colors. So, the colors differ depending on where you stand when you're looking at it. 

Whatever it is, it's eye-catching.


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