Student's Protest Sign Cleverly Contrasts A Bible Passage With Lawmakers' Current Priorities

"Love thy neighbor" should come with no provisions.

Student's Protest Sign Cleverly Contrasts A Bible Passage With Lawmakers' Current Priorities

Protests have become an increasingly common sight in the weeks since Donald Trump was sworn into office, and President's Day on Monday was no different. Many spent the public holiday participating in "Not My President's Day" rallies across the country in opposition to Trump's policies and rhetoric, as well as to show support for increasingly marginalized groups under the administration. 

In Atlanta, where the headquarters of CNN — one of the most maligned news outlets under President Trump — is based, correspondent Nick Valencia shared photos on Twitter from the protest there. One image was particularly striking — Valencia noted in his caption of the tweet that 25-year-old college student Alyssa McNerney "came out to highlight the hypocrisy within the Republican Party."

McNerney's sign referenced a popular verse from the Bible and replaced parts of it with the GOP's stances:

For I was hungry and you said "drug test those who would ask for food." I was thirsty and you said "oil for us is more important than water for them. Build the pipeline." I was a stranger and you said "he could be a terrorist don't let him in." I was sick and you said "take away her health insurance."


McNerney's sign astutely captured the discrepancy between some Republicans' claims of their unwavering Christian faith and their seemingly antithetical policies. She specifically targeted discriminatory provisions for welfare recipients, the obstinacy about pipelines in spite of its threat toward Native Americans, reluctance to accept refugees, and devotion to repealing the Affordable Care Act without a replacement plan.

McNerney's sign is a reminder of the effects that lawmakers' policies have on the very people their faith calls on to help.

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