In One Hilarious Stunt, This Guy Took The Family Dog To College With Him, But His Parents Weren't Happy

"He's coming to Corvallis for a higher education."

For some people, saying goodbye to the family pets can the hardest thing before leaving for college. Sean Fenton, already had to deal with a semester away from his dog, 7-year-old Willy, so when he was heading back to Oregon State after the holidays, he decided to take the miniature Shetland collie with him.


So, he secretly took Willy to school with him without his parents knowing.

The 20-year-old was able to sneak Willy out of the house and into the car. He was even able to document his scheme on Twitter.

However, Fenton's parents quickly realized Willy was missing and they were a lot more upset than Fenton thought they would be. According to BuzzFeed, Fenton thought his parents wouldn't be that upset about it, since Fenton had actually tried (and failed) doing the same stunt the previous semester. 

He tried to inject some humor into the situation by texting his family that Willy was "coming to Corvallis for a higher education and to provide for his future family," but it didn't help. The family was concerned about Willy and wanted him back.

Willy was only able to spend a night with Fenton at college before Fenton had to drive the dog home, one-and-a-half hours away.

Willy may not have been able to study, but hopefully Fenton and Willy will be able to enjoy the summer holiday together.

(H/T: BuzzFeed)


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