He Was Irritated When His College Roommate Ate His Food. Then He Found This Note.

Let's hear it for the Ronnies of the world

College roommates can be hit or miss. Sometimes you'll end up in a great situation with people who become close friends, while other times you may be stuck living with a mouth-breathing troll with no sense of personal space. 

But having a roommate means having to be flexible: being able to adapt to someone else's schedule and habits while maintaining one's own sense of equilibrium. It's not always easy.

To give an example of a great roommate relationship, a college student shared a photo of a note on Imgur left by his roommate of three years, Ronnie. 

When you see it, you'll remember all the positive ways people can surprise you, and hopefully reflect on your good roommate experiences, too. Check it out below: 


Kind of makes you want to take Ronnie out for beer and wings, right?


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