College Party Kids Play Drinking Games With Seniors. And It's Not What We Expected At All.

So now you know.

If you put together a bunch of college party kids and a bunch of respectful senior gentlemen in one room and asked them to compete in drinking games, the likely outcome seems quite obvious. 

But is it? After all, these oldies might have some serious party tricks up their sleeves and a helluva lot of experience.

Luckily for us, the guys behind Complex decided to answer the question once and for all. So... Who's better at drinking games?

Scroll down to watch the entire video.


College party kids...

or some seriously dope oldies?

"My name is Kevin Walsh," one of the elderly men tells the camera. "I've been in theater for 26 years."

"I haven't even been alive for 26 years," a youngster answers.

Well you get the idea.

Game on!

Watch the entire video to see which gang seizes the day.

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