25 Genius Life Hacks From College Kids For When The Struggle Gets Too Real

If it works, who are we to argue?

College is a time in one's life filled with new endeavors, novel ideas and, for the majority of students, being broke. After all, the "penniless college student" stereotype exists for a reason. 

But with great financial debt comes great innovations, which is why college can be some of the most creative years of your life. Here are some brilliant "college student hacks" that would really come in handy when you're a little low on cash.


1. No microwave? No problem.

2. House party ready.

3. Quick sock fix.

4. For spaghetti and meatballs night.

These just keep getting better ...

5. Low-key grilling.

6. Genius.

7. When your car insurance provider isn't cooperating.

8. Got milk?

9. Pizza is essential.

Lazy, broke and innovative are interchangeable words for when things get rough ...

10. For leftovers.

11. A multipurpose grill.

12. Turning an accident into art.

13. In emergency cleaning situations.

14. Nothing beats a fresh pressed shirt — no matter how it's pressed.

College sure was a heck of a time ...

15. Living large, dorm room version.

16. Free is better.

17. Thank you, Mother Nature.

18. Hangers can be used with large plastic curtains, too.

19. Another solution to the microwave-free life.

Last, but not least ...

20. Your tennis days are over, but that doesn't mean your racket can't come in handy sometimes.

21. Always say yes to free Wi-Fi.

22. DIY shower heads are still shower heads.

23. Hot Pockets need to be hot.

24. Free samples are a blessing.

25. Comfort is key.

College, right?


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