Colin Kaepernick May Be Out Of A Job, But His Kind Act Makes Sure Others Have A Chance At Success

"He’s a hero in my eyes ..."

Aside from all the controversy he may have weathered on the football field, Colin Kaepernick is once again making a real difference outside of the realm of sports once again. The 29-year-old just made a big donation to 100 Suits For 100 Men, and we're loving it.

The quarterback — who is currently a free agent after spending 2011 to 2016 with the San Francisco 49ers — stopped by a New York City parole office in Queens and presented them with 50 custom suits that will go to help those in need get back on their feet.

100 Suits For 100 Men is a community-centered organization that is all about helping men and women — from ex-convicts, people who are homeless, gang members, and domestic abuse survivors — find success by providing a dose of positivity in their lives. They provide free business attire to them to help with their job search, as well as provide free haircuts, wig referrals, and other support.

"He was a great partner. He went above and beyond all expectations to help give these guys a second chance," Kevin Livingston — who was introduced to Kaepernick via the athlete's girlfriend and radio host Nessa — of 100 Suits For 100 Men told TMZ Sports

"He's a hero in my eyes, he's a hero in the eyes of the guys who are going to be receiving these suits," Livingston added. "Colin, you're the man to me, you're a hero to the men of South Jamaica, Queens (N.Y.)."

With just a few short months until the start of the NFL season, it remains to be seen whether Kaepernick will be signed to a team or not. That point aside, it's great to see him doing so many wonderful things to help others who need it most — it's a lesson other sports stars could probably pay attention to.


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