Stephen Colbert And John Krasinski Do 'A Few Good Men' With Fake Vomiting

"You can't handle the ..."

Actor John Krasinski visited Stephen Colbert on Wednesday night's episode of The Late Show to promote his upcoming action flick 13 Hours. During the interview, the subject of Krasinski's marriage to Emily Blunt was discussed.

Colbert asked, "How did you get Emily Blunt?"

"I don't know," Krasinski responded.

Krasinski said that he trained alongside Blunt, who has experience with action movies, when he got into shape for 13 Hours.

When Blunt visited The Late Show a few months ago, she acted with Colbert in a fake vomit-off while reciting lines from Gone With the Wind. Essentially, a fake vomit-off is when you pretend that you are about to puke while speaking.

Meanwhile, both Krasinski and Colbert previously did fake vomit-offs with actor Steven Carell. Therefore, it was appropriate for Krasinski and Colbert to perform a fake vomit-off together on Wednesday's show.

They performed the climatic scene from A Few Good Men. Krasinski said the Tom Cruise lines, and Colbert said the Jack Nicholson lines. And of course, they recited the lines while pretending to barf.


“Col. Jessup, did you (retching sound) order the code red?”

“You can’t handle the (vomit sound).”

Watch the full video:


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