You'll Never Look At Coke The Same Way After Watching This Video

Everyone who drinks soda should watch this.

Sugar is everywhere. Even in places you don't expect—like bread, for instance, which commonly contains high fructose corn syrup. (Check the ingredients to make sure your bread is free of this unhealthy additive.) 

But you expect to find sugar in Coke, right? It's the amount that's shocking. 

A simple experiment shown below reveals the difference between regular Coke and Coke Zero—showing you just how much sugar Coca-Cola has in it. When you actually see it, you'll be shocked.


Sugar consumption has risen dramatically over the last few centuries, in tandem with an epidemic of obesity. 

Sugar is responsible for innumerable health problems, including a heightened risk of dying from heart disease and developing diabetes

Think about ways in which you can reduce your sugar intake. Eliminating sugary drinks from your diet is a great place to start.

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