7 Cocktails That Will Make Even The Pickiest Drinkers Happy

Drink up!

Planning a holiday party can be tricky: your mom has allergies, your sister is a vegetarian, your best friend judges your dessert selection, and your grandparents are unapologetically picky.

But when it comes to serving the best cocktails, there are ways to satisfy every picky person at your party so you can get back to enjoying your holiday, too.


For the one who wants to "drink fall."

We're not talking pumpkin spice lattes — someone at your party has jumped on the autumn bandwagon and wants their drink to taste appropriately fall-y (think crisp November air, apples, pumpkins, etc).

Suggestion? Try Fridays' new handcrafted "Crown Apple Cooler" cocktail featuring apple whisky, pomegranate, agave, and even some fresh apple — among other things.

For the one who needs something gluten-free.

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Try giving this person a glass of wine with a holiday twist. Mix six ounces of white wine with a slice of pear and a sprig of fresh thyme for a pretty, comforting drink.

For the one who needs something "festive."

For someone who wants something "festive" in keeping with the holiday spirit, try serving them Fridays' new "Berry Sangria." The drink is a refreshing take on the season and features Moscato, rum, blackberries, lime juice, and other mouth-watering ingredients. 

No complaints here.

For the one who needs something strong.

When someone says they need something "strong," they definitely don't want a simple glass of wine. Try serving them a classic Long Island Iced Tea, made with vodka, gin, white rum, white tequila, and triple sec (phewf!). That should do it.

For the one who wants something spicy.

The Ultimate Casamigos Spicy 'Rita is a perfect way to enjoy your favorite cocktail with a little extra kick. The drink features Casamigos Blanco Tequila, Cointreau, jalapeños (of course), lime, organic agave, lemon juice, and even a sweet and spicy rim for a final touch. 

For the one who wants something warm.

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Cue the hot chocolate — we're about to get cozy. Mix vodka with mint liqueur and hot chocolate for a dessert cocktail that's just right. 

For the one who wants to celebrate.

Pressure's on when your party guest walks in and screams "LET'S CELEBRATE!" But what better way to do that than with a champagne cocktail? Mix champagne with honey, apple juice, and cinnamon schnapps for a seasonal cocktail that will satisfy multiple picky people. 

And with that, you've covered all your bases. Now sit back, relax, and enjoy the party. Cheers!


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