Art Directors Use Their Quirky Photography Skills To Raise Money For A Sick Friend

Creating art for a medical miracle.

Vaida Rasciute and Kristina Sumile, the directors of art company Carrot Incorporations, are asking Coca-Cola to buy some of their photographs so that they can donate the funds to help a sick friend.

Their friend, Darius Dirskus, lives in Dublin, Ireland with his wife and their two young children. Dirskus has a brain tumor that cannot be surgically removed, and he is fighting for his life. Walking is difficult for him, so the hospital he's staying in will soon give him a wheelchair. Because the tumor is growing, Dirskus is scheduled to undergo radiotherapy.


Carrot Incorporations

However, it seems that radiotherapy and chemotherapy may not work in his case, so he and his family have sought alternative treatments. They tried chlorophyll injections in a clinic in Russia, but they believe the best treatments options may be available at the Biomed Hospital in Germany.

Since the family has spent most of their money on these alternative treatments, they tried crowdfunding and sponsored walks to raise funds. But they still need financial assistance.

To help raise funds for Dirskus, Carrot Incorporations has created a series of Easter-themed photos that they hope to sell to Coca-Cola. They say they will donate any proceeds to the Dirskus family. Kristina Kairiene, of Odry Photography, served as the photographer.

"This family is fighting hard, but it seems that the strength is not enough," they wrote to A Plus. "So we decided to try and raise money this way."

After trying to contact Coca-Cola's marketing team, Carrot Incorporations posted their incredible Easter photos on Bored Panda.

"We cannot help them financially as much as it is needed. But we can raise awareness and work to help."

Carrot Incorporations

As of April 5, Coca-Cola has not responded to Carrot Incorporations, who will now try to find another way to raise funds to help Dirskus.


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