The Scary Truth Cobie Smulders From 'How I Met Your Mother' Wants You To Know About The Ocean

Happy Shark Week!

It's Shark Week, which means this should be a happy time, but there's some bad news.

Did you know that plastic waste kills up to 1 million sea birds, 100,000 sea mammals and countless fish each year? How about the fact that 100 million of those beloved sharks are killed each year?

In other words, oceans need our help. It's a sad reality that we have to face if we want to enjoy Shark Week, or the ocean for that matter, for years to come, and actress Cobie Smulders is trying to make that message loud and clear.


Cobie Smulders, known for her role as Robin on the CBS show How I Met Your Mother, is now a spokesperson for Oceana, a group dedicated to preserving the world's ocean, and advocates on the big blue's behalf.

The actress, who grew up wanting to be a mermaid, spoke with A Plus at a recent Oceana event (in partnership with Nautica, Manhattan magazine and the Discovery Channel) about what us humans can do. 

When it comes down to it, it's pretty simple: Do something. 

"It's important to get off your computers and get outside," she said. "A lot of people don't realize what's happening under the sea and what's happening to these creatures."

But she does get more specific: "Buying food that is responsibility fished ... Be smart about the products you use," among others.

So get to doing your part! Cobie's watching.


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