A Bunch Of Guys Attempt Cat Eye Makeup, Instantly Gain Respect For Women And Their Flawless Techniques


Every girl who's ever attempted the feline flick makeup knows what a pain in the eye it is.

Not only do you have to deal with twitching, itching and tearing up, but you have to draw razor sharp lines on a rather wrinkly canvas and — this is hands down the worst part — you have to do it twice! Identically.

However, if you're a guy, you probably never had to deal with struggles like this.

Hoping to raise the level of empathy men feel for their ladies when they spend hours prepping up, Cosmopolitan invited six dudes and challenged them to try one of the trickiest beauty routines — the elusive cat eye. Curious to see how it went down?


The guys felt pretty confident at first. "Time to get myself some cat eyes," one of them said fearlessly.

But the moment they were handed an eyeliner, things changed: "This is a marker. WHAT?!"

Some didn't lose their cool, though, and tried to find the perfect technique: "Just a little swoop. Just like Nike."

Others were just dabbing their lids, hoping not they don't poke the eye: "I can tell this isn't right."

After minutes of prepping up, they were ready to show the results. And they were priceless!

"Uhm ... that's something."

We all know that trying to fix it doesn't help. This guy learned it the hard way.

But in the end, all that matters is if they feel beautiful and confident. Wink, wink.

Watch the full video below:

(via Cosmopolitan)


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