Hilarious Footage Shows Clubbers Posing For A Photo When, In Fact, It Was A Video

So many duck faces.

Every full-fledged millennial knows the following situation all too well:

You're out on the town with your besties, having the time of your life, doing whatever crazy thing comes to mind because YOLO. Sounds like a night to remember!

So, you lurch towards a middle-aged couple on the street, and ask them to snap a picture of your squad. 

After 15 seconds of fiercely clenching your jaw and pouting, you realize something's not right. Instead of an HD shot encapsulating all the coolness you gathered over the years, what you get is a blurry, shaky video.


Kind of like this:

Dublin, Ireland-based club C U Next Tuesday (C.U.N.T.) took this nightmarish experience to a whole new level in their latest prank.

This prank involved local clubbers being told to pose for a photo, when, in fact, the camera was set to videotape their tireless efforts to strike the most eye-catching pose. A phenomenon one man dubbed "the forever pose."

Some say this video precisely captures the hilarity and, quite frankly, absurdity of the "selfie generation."

Check out the full video below and judge for yourself:


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