10 Brilliant Jeans Hacks That Everyone Needs To Know

It's all in the jeans.

While first marketed as durable trousers for farm workers, jeans have emerged as the most popular pants ever. The trouble with jeans is trying to preserve their stylish look over long periods of time. BuzzFeed just created a video with secrets that they say will make your jeans always look fly.

Here are 10 jeans hacks that you'll want to know.

1. Avoid washing your jeans unless you absolutely must.

2. If you must wash them, turn them inside out first.


3. For odor removal, use a spray bottle with vodka.

4. Use the mini pockets for bobby pin storage.

5. Machine wash with hot water and machine dry on high heat to make them tighter.

6. User a binder ring to keep your zipper up.

7. Tuck you jeans in boots by rolling them, folding them, and pulling socks over them.

8. Use shower curtains as hooks to hang them.

9. Air-dry instead of using a drying machine to preserve the shape.

10. Use an ice cube to remove gum on jeans.

Watch the full video below:


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