7 Awesome Things You Can Do With This Hair Clip That Aren't Wear It

Tiny, but useful.

If you like multipurpose tools, you'll love this one. 

The Clippa Lady multipurpose hair accessory is so much more than a shiny clip to hide the mistake that was getting bangs. It's got almost as many features as a Swiss Army knife. It's basically a mini toolbox you can wear on your head. And the best part? It only costs $10. 

This model is 4.92 inches long and pink, but older silver and black are also available. Different clips have different features, so be sure to check them out before buying. 


Here's the other things this amazing hair clip acts as:

1. Small screwdriver

2. Bottle opener

3. Knife

4. Nail file

5. Box cutter

6. Scraper

7. Ruler

Of course, you can also just wear it.

Check out the clip in action by watching Monkey Business's video below:

(H/T: PopSugar

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