These 11 Climate Change Activists Go Above And Beyond To Spread Awareness

Protestors and artists unite to save the planet.

While climate change awareness continues to grow globally, many Americans are still skeptical that the threat even exists. 

Fortunately, activists in America, and around the world, are taking extreme action, and using innovative tactics, to draw attention to the issue.

Here are 11 examples of people who are making a difference to spread climate change awareness and to push for real action:


1. "People's Climate March."

With over 300,000 protesters taking to midtown Manhattan in September 2014, this was the largest climate change march in history. Dignitaries like Al Gore and celebrities like Leonardo DiCaprio participated in this record-setting event.

2. Arrested "polar bear" protester.

At the "People's Climate March," one protestor showed up in a polar bear costume and was arrested. The image of law enforcement officials detaining a "polar bear" became a viral image and a rally call for climate change.

3. The Australian "head in sand" protest.

Before last year's G20 summit in Australia, over 400 activists took to a nearby beach and buried their heads in the sand to visualize that Prime Minister Tony Abbot "has his head in the sand on climate change."

4. Greenpeace Lady Liberty in the Arctic Ocean.

Greenpeace brought attention to rising sea levels with this sinking replica of the Statue of Liberty.

5. Artists who took to the streets.

Street artists are using their talents to create beautiful works that highlight the environmental impact of the melting polar ice caps. 

6. Politicians under water on climate change.

Spanish street artist Isaac Cordal's sculpture, which depicted a group of submerged politicians debating climate change, went viral in 2014. The sculpture draws on the irony that elected officials are debating about a subject that is literally surrounding them.

7. Real politicians meeting under the sea.

In 2009, President Mohamed Nasheed of Maldives conducted an underwater cabinet meeting, complete with full scuba gear. His idea was to bring mass attention to the growing threat of the rising sea levels that are impacting his nation.

8. Dancing for the plight of the animals.

Climate change, specifically for animals, was the focus of choreographer Karole Armitage's dance program "On the Nature of Things" this year. Dance is new frontier for communicating the threat of climate change.

9. Do The Green Thing visualizes climate change.

Non-profit Do The Green Thing is using creativity to combat climate change. Among their many projects, they recently initiated a platform for artists around the world to showcase posters highlighting the problems and solutions to climate change.

10. Combining science with orchestra music.

When scientist Robert Davies' lectures on climate change couldn't connect with audiences on a human level, he needed to reinvent his approach. The result was the Crossroads Project, which combined his lectures with live orchestra music. The combination allowed Davies' message to reach new audiences.

11. Literally melting the future.

Artists Nora Ligorano and Marshall Reese created an ice sculpture last year in New York City that said "The Future." Their purpose was to show that "The Future" was melting, and this would highlight the urgent need for climate change action.

If you would like to help spread climate change awareness and learn more about the cause, visit the Citizen's Climate Lobby and Carbon Fund.

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