'Man Locks Himself In Hot Car To Prove Babies And Dogs Are Cowards' Satirical Video Actually Makes Really Valid Point


After "good samaritan laws" in some states made it legal to break car windows to rescue small children and dogs left in hot cars, there's been much talk on the very real and dangerous effects of a heated enclosed environment on babies and animals. 

No one can argue it's OK or safe, but leave it to the geniuses at ClickHole to create a hilarious video called "Man Locks Himself In Hot Car To Prove Babies And Dogs Are Cowards" to jokingly test whether dogs and babies are just whiners who should  develop a tougher skin. 

In the video, a full-grown man tries his hand at staying locked up in a hot car for three hours — all the while smack-talking spineless babies and dogs. 

Here's how it goes down: 


He starts off doing just fine...

30 minutes in, he's gettin' a little shvitzy.

At 60 minutes, shvitz turns to straight up sweat.

One hour and 30 minutes later, and he's so done...

Two hours and 27 minutes later, and checking for a pulse.

At three hours, he's pretty much gone. What is anything anymore?

Yup, pretty much what you'd expect — by the end, the guy might as well be the melted Wicked Witch of the West from The Wizard of Oz, and listening to his smack talk just sounds ridiculous juxtaposed against images of his sweating body.  But through this satire, a very valid point is made: Anyone who makes light of this kind of situation is just plain wrong, as leaving dogs or small children in a car is no laughing matter. 

Though the video jokingly shows the man in a hot car for supposedly three hours, it only takes around 30 minutes for serious damage to occur to those that are more helpless. According to KidsAndCars.org, about 38 children die from heat-related deaths after being left in a hot car.  

Watch the video below for a laugh, and also an important lesson:

For tips on how to keep kids safe in a car, visit here. 

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