Why So Many People Are Suddenly Cleaning Their Favorite Celebrities' Walk Of Fame Stars

"Nothing but respect for MY president."

Last week, a young woman tweeted photos of herself cleaning President Donald Trump's defaced Hollywood Walk of Fame star, expressing that she had "nothing but respect for MY president" and adding the hashtag #RaisedRight. 

The tweet went viral, and as tends to happen with pretty much anything popular or talked about on the internet, the Trump supporter's gesture quickly became a meme — and a rather productive one at that.


Over the course of the Fourth of July weekend, countless Twitter users have been sharing snaps of themselves kneeling next to their favorite celebrities' stars, explaining that they stopped to clean them, and adding the familiar declaration, "Nothing but respect for MY president."

Hollywood's alternative commanders-in-chief range from legendary actress Meryl Streep to recording artist Pitbull, with a Shrek or two thrown in. (This is the internet, after all.) Some fans are mid-clean in the photos; for others, we just have to take their word for it. But even if only a few of the more than 2,600 stars get a real sprucing-up, we'd still call it a success.

Check out some of our favorite examples below:


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