For Some Soldiers, The Scariest Battle Happens When They Get Home

Make a difference.

Every day, 22 United States military veterans take their own lives.

If that statistic doesn't shake you to your core, maybe this will: Despite that horrifying number, our elected leaders have repeatedly failed in trying to help preserve and repair the mental health of the men and women who serve our country. 

In an effort to change that, Anthony Pike, a veteran of the military, started a campaign on to collect signatures and increase pressure on Congress to support the Clay Hunt SAV Act which will be voted on this week.

Now, you can help be a part of this change, one that would improve the "accessibility and effectiveness of mental health care" for our veterans, simply by signing a petition.

Go here to leave your signature, and please share this to spread awareness. This week is one of the most important weeks for veterans everywhere.

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