A White Nationalist's Ex-Classmates Rallied Together To Donate To Refugees In His Name

This is a great way to take on bigotry.

One of the last things a white nationalist would theoretically want is to donate money to aid refugees entering America. But for Richard Spencer, that's exactly what's happening — and it's all in his name.

The self-proclaimed leader of the alt-right recently delivered a speech in Washington, D.C. celebrating Donald Trump's victory, slamming Jews and the media and ending with what appeared to be Nazi salutes as the crowd cheered "Heil Trump! Heil victory!"

As news of Spencer's speech spread across the country, some of his former classmates were apparently watching. The St. Mark's School of Texas is well-known for graduating a few celebrities like Tommy Lee Jones, Luke and Owen Wilson and NFL player Ty Montgomery. But now, his old classmates are making headlines for taking a big stand against Spencer.

Members of Spencer's class of 1997 responded to news of his speech by starting a fundraiser for the International Rescue Committee, the primary agency in Dallas that resettles refugees.

"We, friends and alumni of all classes of St. Mark's School of Texas, honor the values with which we were raised and educated: respect, compassion, service, and a vision of our city and country that includes people of all races, religions, and origins," the classmates wrote on the campaign page. "Spencer's views are un-American and a threat to civil society. We reject them and urge everyone to join us in condemning him and his agenda."

The group emphasized that they are not being sponsored by the St. Mark's school but are instead a group of concerned alumni. Still, St Mark's headmaster David W. Dini tweeted the link to the campaign on Crowdrise.


"This has been deeply troubling and terribly upsetting to our whole school community," Dini wrote. "At St. Mark's, we reject racism and bigotry in all its forms and expressions. Our mission, values, and programs stand in direct opposition to these vulgar ideas. In light of such comments, our mission to develop boys of strong character, compassion, empathy, and courage has increasing relevance and importance."

In a blog post, Spencer responded with some of his patented xenophobia that has brought him to the front lines of a nationalist movement.

"The most revealing part of this story is that my classmates' response to viewpoints they don't like is to commit civilizational suicide even harder than before," Spencer wrote. "They are raising money for resettling refugees in their city, damaging the lives of White people who lack their privilege."

So far, the campaign has raised over $58,000. You can donate here

You can watch some frightening highlights from Spencer's speech below:


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