He Dives Headfirst Into Hawaii's Biggest Waves. The Result? Breathtakingly Beautiful


Clark Little is fearless.


The award-winning photographer has to be intrepid in order to capture shots of the Pacific waters that thunder upon the white sands of his North Shore Hawaiian home.  

Since embarking on a career in photography in 2007, Little has seen his work published everywhere from National Geographic to Men's Journal and exhibited at the Smithsonian Museum

His startling images of waves breaking on the shore are captured from unique angles, often taking place within the waves themselves.

"The shorebreak is my comfort zone," he writes on his website. "I absolutely love it. It's always different. The light, the colors, the water, the sand and what happens to it. And to be there to capture it and share it with the world... What a dream."

His journey into photography started when his wife wanted a picture of the ocean for their bedroom.

Little, an experienced surfer, went out and got a waterproof camera and some accessories. The rest is history.

He's often up before dawn to catch the sunrise, returning in the afternoon after spending the morning in the surf.

He also braves the water at night.

This photograph, appropriately entitled "Nightmare," was captured in the barrel of a nighttime wave using a strobe flash.

He's fortunate enough to see some of the Pacific's most beautiful inhabitants.

This is a Hawaiian green sea turtle. An endangered species, Hawaiian green sea turtles are protected by state and federal laws. They can grow to be up to 500 pounds.

In the summer months, Little spends much of his time photographing sharks and turtles.

This Galapagos reef shark was photographed by Little in deeper waters off the North Shore of Oahu while free-swimming. No shark cage.

Surfer Flynn Novak appears to be walking though the barrel of this wave, captured just before he dives from his board. 

Little's work takes him all over the world.

Tahiti's lush green mountains beckon in the distance, framed by a glassy breaking wave.

This dramatic photograph, entitled "Chariots of Fire" was selected from thousands of submissions in honor of the 2012 London Olympics. It pictures California's Newport Beach, stretching out over what appears to be elemental layers of fire, air and water. 

The ocean acts as a lens here, distorting the trees that lie just beyond the reach of the waves.

Here's Little at work in a video produced by Nikon Europe.

For more from Clark Little, please check out his website and be sure to like him on Facebook

All images used with the generous permission of Clark Little Photography.

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