Drunk Philly Fight Caught On Camera Proves It Really Is The City Of Brotherly Love

Drink responsibly.

Neither excess alcohol nor public brawling are good on their own — and they don't mix well, either.

But every now and then, the right combination of both creates the kind of human cocktail captured in this magical surveillance video. Shot in the Kensington area of Philadelphia, the video was uploaded to YouTube by one Rocco Avallone, who said the fight started outside his apartment at 10:50 PM August 27th, 2015.

Let's break it down.


First it looks like they're just going to share a cigarette and enjoy each other's company.

Things quickly get out of hand when one of the men reaches for the other.

Then they're on their feet, one with a cigarette in his hand, throwing punches.

And it looks at first like another ugly drunk brawl.

But then something remarkable happens... they embrace!

They slow down to shake hands, and then embrace in a feet-off-the-ground hug.

And they keep hugging...

They hug on some cars...

The show of affection continues... for a while.

And that's why they call it the City of Brotherly Love. Check out the full video below:


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