Ad Shows What We're Missing Out On When We're Looking At Our iPhones

Hint: A whole lot.

People love technology. It helps the world with efficiency and accuracy and allows humans to access knowledge faster than our ancestors thought possible.

But it also has its drawbacks, and as technology advances more people engage with their phones instead of with the world around them. 

Personal care product brand Cinthol wants to change that. The Indian-based company decided to bring people back to earth, literally, with a new ad campaign called "Alive is Offline."

"Welcome to a world without buffering. Where you hear a tweet instead of reading one. Where you live a moment and not scroll through it," the ad's description reads.


In the video, a man sets off to explore the world.

Interacting with new friends.

Sight-seeing along a river.

And taking in a gorgeous waterfall.

All to drive home an important message:

Check out Cinthol's full video below, and then close the screen and go out and see the world. 


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