Nifty Little Bracelet Turns Your Hand Into A Touchscreen Device

The future is now.

Even if you are not super into the latest technology, you need to take a look at this.

A Parisian design company has found yet another way to raise the bar for wearable gadgets by creating a conceptual bracelet that turns the surface of  human skin into a touchscreen device. "But how?!" you may wonder. 

Take a look below and we'll answer your questions. Or maybe we'll raise even more, who knows...


This is Cicret, a projection-based wristband that lets you operate your mobile devices on the surface of your arm.

Cicret wirelessly connects to your smartphone or tablet and projects the screen on your skin using a pico-projector and proximity sensors.

According to the developers, users will be able to read emails, play games, answer calls, use maps... basically, everything that's possible on a mobile device.

The interface works exactly the same: you can tap, swipe and pinch the projection on your wrist.

Cicret is currently seeking donations to finish their first prototype and, in case of success, release the product to the market.

Naturally, there is a lot of speculation on whether or not such a gadget could be possible and effective in everyday use.

Some Internet users are skeptical about the battery life and price, which might be too high for a regular consumer (estimated price is approximately $470). Others worry about whether having arm hair or tattoos which might interfere with the projection. However, the device is receiving significant support from people with disabilities who appreciate the device's ease of use.

Take a look at this video to experience the mind-sweeping possibilities of this wristband and tell us — would you wear it?

To find out more about this bracelet, visit the Cicret website and follow them on Facebook and Twitter.

(H/T: designboom)

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